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  • Where you are located?
    We are located at 4 Pushkinova Street in Senjak. This area is well-connected by public transportation, and you can reach us by bus numbers 34 and 44. We are situated near the Military High School and right next to the Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department. Parking is not an issue on the street; there is ample space and parking is free.
  • Who is the course intended for?
    All our courses are intended for complete beginners, but we are also contacted by professional painters who have stopped painting over time and want to return to this work. In addition to learning, the courses allow you to spend quality time with people of the same or similar interests. Beginners often think that they are not good enough to start painting because they are not experienced enough. That's a mistake, because our atelier is just for you.
  • How long does the course last and when can I join you?
    All our courses have an unlimited duration and you can come as often as you see fit. You can join us at any time because the classes are held in a group, but the approach is individual and each participant does his work in a time frame that suits him. All participants can join the course at any time.
  • What is included in the course price?
    If you want to come once a week, the Painting, Icon Painting, Comics and Realistic Painting course costs 7,200 dinars (60e) for 4 sessions a month, i.e. one session a week. Painting and Iconography has the option of coming twice a week, in which case 8 appointments per month cost 12,000 dinars (100e). All materials are included in the price, except for the board for the Iconography course, which is charged additionally, or the student brings his own board in the size that suits him. Imitation gilding is also included in the price. The watercolor course costs 9,800 dinars (80e) for four monthly sessions. All top quality material is included in the price.
  • Is it possible to take the painting material home and can I work on whatever format I want?
    The Art Center provides the necessary materials for all courses, taking the materials home after classes is not planned. Image formats generally do not exceed 100x70 cm, because anything over that takes up too much space in the studio. There were requests for unreasonably large formats, which endangers the workspace of other participants.
  • Can I do whatever motifs I want?
    In situations where the student has the idea of doing something that is inappropriate and outside the framework of generally accepted standards, Art Central lecturers suggest changing the motive. That, for example, it implies working on an icon that does not enter into theological frameworks and in a certain way desecrates the cultural heritage of the art of these areas. Motives with political, racist or offensive connotations are also out of the question.
  • Can I finish my work in a month?
    Everything depends on the complexity of your work and the technique you use. If, for example, doing an icon takes you an average of six three-hour sessions to complete the work. With watercolor it is faster and you can have one or two works in a month. The painting takes as long as the composition is complex and depends on your talent and experience. Someone's character dictates an engagement with a painting that can last for months while someone is expressive and can finish their work quite quickly.
  • Is the work owned by me at the end of the painting process?
    Of course. In addition to learning and spending quality time at the Art Central, you get a valuable work of art at the end of the work. For the price of an icon painting course, you get a ready-made icon, which is often cheaper than the same one you would buy in a store. Participants come to our studio with the desire to paint a picture for their loved ones as a gift or decorate their home. Art Central also promotes your work with various promotions and exhibitions.
  • Do you have courses for children?
    Painting for young people takes place on weekends and it is important to note that the first class is free. The class lasts two or three hours, depending on the age of the child, and the price is 6000 or 5400 for four monthly terms with all materials included.
  • Does Art Central organize exhibitions?
    The school organizes at least one school exhibition a year in spring or autumn. Art Central organizes exhibitions in cultural institutions or galleries. This year, the exhibition will be held in October in the House of King Peter.
  • Do you organize creative birthday parties and workshops?
    Yes, it is possible to organize creative birthday parties and workshops for children or adults. In agreement with the professional staff, we can organize different types of painting, on canvas, T-shirts or any other material... The price depends on the number of people and the material used for the workshop.
  • Which painting icon should I choose?
    A large number of people before coming to Art Central do not know exactly what they want to paint, and our most common advice is to start with a simple motif such as, for example. icon of St. Fridays, St. Nicholas, St. Panteleimon or any other saint who is represented as a bust. In that case, you will more easily master the first steps in icon painting and you will not need too much time to finish your icon. It is also desirable that if you have your proposal, it should be a photo of the original icon showing all the details. When the quality of your template is poor then you cannot get enough visual information.
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